Putting on a condom, close-up

So recently Lady Sharky and I were talking and she revealed that she didn’t know how to put on a condom. Personally I feel this is a task that everybody who wants to have sex with a penis should be familiar with – yes, women too. My ex, with whom I had an open relationship […]

The Dark Knight XXX – A Live Tweeting

Recently, chanced upon a copy of the porn spoof ‘The Dark Knight XXX’ in a local adult store. I bought it for the sheer novelty value, and decided to do a live tweet of my watching it on my personal Twitter account @ClubShark. Below is a record of every tweet posted. Oh, the ridiculousness!   […]

Random Thoughts From My Crazy Brain

Because one of my partners is slightly famous, she has the opportunity to sleep with famous people. To cut a long story short, I’ve seen a private dick pic of a musician from a band well-known enough that I stock them in my shop (for those of you that don’t know, I run a shop […]

Thought on condoms

All photos are from my personal collection and are not to be shared without my permission. Without fail, every time I buy condoms from Tesco and use the self-checkouts (I used to work for Tesco – the machines still obey me!), they will set of the security alarms upon exit, forcing me to remove the […]

Sharky’s Favourite Sex Toys

All photos are from my personal collection and are not to be shared without my permission. I confess, I’ve never bought a sex toy for solo masturbation play. I genuinely don’t feel the need to try and better my own right hand. However, buying sex toys as a couple is one of life’s little joys. […]


All photos are from my personal collection and are not to be shared without my permission. Like many men, I enjoy receiving a blowjob.. Unlike a lot of men, I rarely cum from receiving one. You might ask why I enjoy them then if I’m not going to get a pay-off from it. Well the […]

The Sharky Smoking Blowjob Fetish Videos

A few years ago, one of my friends – who in this blog I will refer to by her stage name Tina Snua – invited me to star in a couple of clips with her. Tina is moderately well known on the fetish scene as a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) performer who caters to ‘smoking […]

My Sexuality

My sexuality has confounded many people during my life. Because I’m often a rather flamboyant character in real life, many people assume that I must be gay. It’s an assumption I’ve never quite understood, but I’ve rationalised it thus; I’ve always had a passion for life, living it on my own terms, often outside the […]

A Saucy Sharky Photoshoot

Taken November 2012 by the very talented Franny Lane.┬áThis was done to boost my ego after a disastrous break-up. I’m a bit heavier than I’d have liked to have been, but overall I still really like these photos. I’d like to do another one soon – any photographers get in touch. The ‘safe’ pics from […]