You’re never bored when there’s a penis…

Greetings sexy people. Sorry for the lack of posts. Things are a bit stressful right now for obvious reasons. But in the midst of all the social isolation, Lady Sharky and I still find time to be silly. You know you’ve reached a stage of pure intimacy where you’re just laying in bed and she […]

Ice Sticks and Anal Vibes [EXPLICIT NSFW VIDS AND PICS]

So Lady Sharky and I are back to our old selves after an unplanned sex drought last month. We picked up a couple of bedroom accessories to push some more boundaries in our nighttime activities. The first was this ice stick tray: We’d been wanting to experiment with ice for a while, but I didn’t […]


Sorry for the lack of posts these last few weeks. Sometimes there’s not much worth sharing. The Lady Sharky and I still enjoy a healthy and happy sex life. But sex, whilst enjoyable for the people involved, isn’t always for the rest of the world to see – either for privacy reasons or for the […]