Friday Night Sexting Fun! (EXPLICIT NSFW PICS AND CLIPS)

All images shared with full consent of those involved. Not for sharing or reproduction. So last night Lady Sharky and I had a relaxed night in our little living-room play area. We’d got to chatting to another couple we’d met via our FabSwingers Profile, and naturally we just kept turning each other on until eventually […]

Warmer weather, hotter content! (EXPLICIT MEDIA)

All media shared with the explicit consent of those appearing in it. Not for duplication or sharing. So with the weather getting warmer, Lady Sharky has switched from a standard pyjama t-shirt to a pyjama tank-top. Which to those of us who enjoy sleeping next to a woman means one thing; ESCAPING BOOBIES!!! Yes it’s […]


All photos are from my personal collection and are not to be shared without my permission. Like many men, I enjoy receiving a blowjob.. Unlike a lot of men, I rarely cum from receiving one. You might ask why I enjoy them then if I’m not going to get a pay-off from it. Well the […]

The Sharky Smoking Blowjob Fetish Videos

A few years ago, one of my friends – who in this blog I will refer to by her stage name Tina Snua – invited me to star in a couple of clips with her. Tina is moderately well known on the fetish scene as a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) performer who caters to ‘smoking […]