New beginnings…

I have a new lady in my life. Dressing up all formal for her tonight ๐Ÿ˜œ I may be 33 now, but I think I can still rock the look lol. Here’s to 2019, and maybe getting my blog back on track after a year off! Sharky

Pubic Health

My monthly pube trim rolls around again, and once again I wonder why we as a society, and I personally, decided that pubes had to go. I genuinely don’t remember when and why specifically I started to trim my pubes. I don’t really remember any peer pressure to do so, nor do I think I […]

Sharky tip

Sometimes you gotta bust out the kind of lovemaking that requires her to wear a sports bra during ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

My Fetish & Me

I’ve written about my particular fetish before, but hey – this is a new blog and there’ll be people reading this that don’t know about this side of my life. So here we go again. My main kink, that forms not an insignificant part of my sex life, is my partner being with other guys. […]

Thoughts on Condoms

I was recently chatting with a potential partner about safe sex. I’m a very pro-condom guy, and she was talking about friends she knew who got pregnant whilst wearing a condom. ย She then revealed that she didn’t know that condoms came in different sizes. This is a grown woman mind you. It was so surprising, […]

Let’s Catch Up

So I’ve decided to start blogging again. Some of you who might know me personally might wonder why I would need a separate blog to record my thoughts when I’m already a very open person. Well mainly, it’s because some of the content I post is not suitable for the mainstream social media networks where […]