App idea/sexy invite

So I was reading a Buzzfeed article about Grindr yesterday (which, even as a ‘mostly straight’ man, was actually really interesting – one of those articles that Buzzfeed do really well when they’re not trying to decide which Toy Story character I am [clearly Woody]), and I got to thinking. Is there a dating/hook-up app for […]

Side-eye, and unleashing your inner Robin Williams!

So this weekend Lady Sharky and I were getting hot and heavy and she was experimenting with the camera herself. She discovered how affirming and confidence-building it can be to see yourself owning your sexuality. Whilst most of what she took she’s requested I don’t share, she did capture this epic shot while she was […]

The long and short of it.

So Lady Sharky informed me that she’s just ordered a pair of high-heeled New Rock boots, and my initial response was “I’m so fucking you in them!” Her response was “I knew you were going to say that!” (there were some laughing emojis in there as well – I think the eye-rolling was implied). Now, I […]

New beginnings…

I have a new lady in my life. Dressing up all formal for her tonight 😜 I may be 33 now, but I think I can still rock the look lol. Here’s to 2019, and maybe getting my blog back on track after a year off! Sharky

Pubic Health

My monthly pube trim rolls around again, and once again I wonder why we as a society, and I personally, decided that pubes had to go. I genuinely don’t remember when and why specifically I started to trim my pubes. I don’t really remember any peer pressure to do so, nor do I think I […]

Sharky tip

Sometimes you gotta bust out the kind of lovemaking that requires her to wear a sports bra during 😉 

My Fetish & Me

I’ve written about my particular fetish before, but hey – this is a new blog and there’ll be people reading this that don’t know about this side of my life. So here we go again. My main kink, that forms not an insignificant part of my sex life, is my partner being with other guys. […]