Happy Hump Day

Hello sexy people! We are still alive – as many of you know, Lady Sharky and I moved in together during lockdown after being separated for months. Contrary to what you might think, it hasn’t been a constant sex-fest – moving is stressful as fuck, and we’ve both been stressed out by work.

We’ve only had sex a few times (not always involving penile penetration) in the last month, and while they have been fun experiences, they haven’t quite been up to our usual standard.

But tonight, we’re clearing the decks and going hard (ahem). I’ll be coming home from work, having something to eat and then jumping in the shower. Whilst I’m in the shower, Lady Sharky will be choosing what toys we’ll be adding to the proceedings from our new underbed storage boxes. When I get out the shower, all bets are off!

And we’re asking you to get involved! Because we can’t physically invite people to join us right now (when it’s safe to do so, we’re looking forward to hosting some sexy evenings). Here is an up-to-date pic of our main toybox:

Let us know what we should use tonight. Inspire us. Should we finally open the giant purple dildos on the right? Should Lady Sharky attempt to take one of the largest plugs in her arse? Should I strap on a vibrating cock ring? Should Lady Sharky strap me to the bed and tease me by using a Rabbit in front of me?

Hit us up with some suggestions. Maybe Lady Sharky will wear something sexy for you. If there’s something you’re curious about seeing in action, we might take some photos for you (if you’re good!) 😜

Be safe and be sexy,


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