The Sharky Shampoo Challenge

So briefly, there was a silly challenge on social media, ‘The Shampoo Challenge’, where men balanced shampoo bottles on the bulge of their erections in their boxer shorts:


Facebook quickly clamped down on it – I got a content warning for trying to share the above image on the platform – but I was curious (and bored) enough to see whether I could take part.

Now here’s the thing – I use a brand of shampoo that comes in a huge 900ml bottle, which has some heft to it. The challenge doesn’t specify what size bottle to use, or how full the bottle has to be, but the egotistical part of my brain was like “You’re using a full 900ml bottle!”

It wasn’t easy. Naturally you need fitted boxers for this to work (as opposed to loose ones), but the first pair I tried were literally too smooth to get the equally smooth bottle to balance effectively. I had to switch to an older, more course cotton pair. Secondly, trying to get and stay hard long enough is difficult. Whilst I’ve never had any trouble getting hard, consciously getting hard (as opposed to non-conscious involuntary erections e.g. morning wood) for non-sexual reasons is different to getting hard with the purpose of sex or masturbation. I’m literally using porn behind the camera to stimulate myself – but as soon as my focus switches to shampoo bottles and cameras, I start losing my erection. Then there’s the sheer size, shape and weight of the bottle; the thin base of the bottles in the photo above are easier to balance than my large cylindrical bottles. I confess, I had to do some fancy balancing and positioning of the bottle to get it to stay on my bulge.

For that reason, I went with a 3-second timer on a placed phone-camera rather than just holding a camera in one hand and trying to position the bottle with the other. Even then, trying to co-ordinate my erection, the camera, positioning the bottle and posing still proved a challenge. I must have ‘edged’ myself (brought myself to the brink of orgasm without actually going over the edge) to maintain my erection nearly a dozen times, whilst trying to get the camera right and positioning the bottle.

But eventually…


…success! I promise that is a full 900ml bottle, balancing on the bulge!

(You’re damn right I had to finish myself off afterwards after all that edging!)

During lockdown, away from Lady Sharky, it’s good to set yourself little challenges like this. Although I’ll probably just stick to trying to lose weight lol


Hope you’re all well, and coping with this unprecedented national lockdown. I hope my little challenge provided you with some amusement.

Be Safe and Be Sexy,


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