Love in the Time of Corona

Hey sexy people. Sorry I keep disappearing on you, but here’s another update.

As many of you know, Lady Sharky and I are having to isolate separately during this Coronavirus lockdown. And honestly, it’s been hell. As I’m sure you’re aware if you read this blog, we are a very physically intense couple. Not just sexually, but just in terms of being together. We snuggle, we kiss, we spank, we playfully hump each other’s arses as we bend over! I’m not an overly physical person with other people in my life, so Lady Sharky is my main source of the comfort one gets from physical contact. So to have that taken away is a definite shock to the system.

So how are we coping? Well we lasted about a day until we started flashing each other over WhatsApp lol.  Such little thrills can’t compete with the real thing of course, but they provide that little shot of endorphins in the brain. Whenever Lady Sharky uses a sex toy, she lets me know – shout out to Hot Octopuss for sending out free vibrators during this time. Lady Sharky describes it as “Small but Mighty!” (They’ve ended their free giveaway now, but you can still earn a discount with this link).

One thing proving amusing is that Lady Sharky is growing her pubes out until we’re re-united. After some playful teasing by me about her inability to grow pubes before she caves and shaves them again, she thought it would be fun to see if she can actually grow a full bush (admittedly coupled with a bit of laziness during isolation). She told me she started shaving them when she was 14 for reasons she can’t remember, then at 15 she got a tattoo down there and has kept it shaved ever since. She’s never had a full bush as an adult before, so we thought it might be fun to see what it would look like. I love vaginas whether they come with pubes or not – as the last generation to hit puberty before the deluge of internet porn, I come from an era where what limited pornography there was did contain pubes, so I have no pubic expectations of women either way. She’s been keeping me updated on the progress – I did ask whether I could post a photo here but she vetoed it! Trust me when I say they are coming on nicely, but her tattoo is still clearly visible – not sure whether it will ever be fully hidden, but I might keep you updated. Far be it from me to tell you how you should feel in your own body, but don’t shun the idea of pubes purely because intimate fashion dictates it. If you haven’t seen your body with them in a while, maybe this lockdown isolation would be a good time to reacquaint yourself with them. If you do, let us know (you don’t have to show us, don’t worry!).

I’ve also been living vicariously (although not in a sexual way, that would be weird) through the happy relationships of my friends, romantic and platonic, many of whom are fortunate enough to be isolating together. Love – the only non-quantifiable entity I truly believe in – is a powerful force, and revelling in its power, even if it’s not your own, still has many benefits to one’s mental health. It’s why I have some lyrics to ‘All You Need Is Love’ tattooed down my arms.

Beyond that, I’ve been revisiting our intimate sex tapes in the hopes of rekindling the emotional memory of such physical intimacy between myself and Lady Sharky.

Those of us who enjoy photographing that side of our lives may do so for a number of reasons; ego, vanity, insecurity, a desire to entertain – in my case a mixture of these things (as to which is in the forefront, it depends on how I’m feeling at the time). But it’s also an escape, blurring the lines of the fantasy of porn and reality of sex. Getting off to one’s own sex tapes is, in my head, akin to using the former to try and recapture the feeling of the latter. As to what the psychological analysis of this might be, I don’t know, but I’m finding it helpful right now. I do supplement it with stuff produced by other couples, either publicly, shared with us privately, or on FAB – as I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this blog, I rarely watch mainstream porn these days as real acts of love are far more powerful. If you have produced a sex tape, know that it does help 🙂

Finally, I am currently trying to lose weight. It’s been less than two weeks, but I think I can already see a difference. Here’s a comparison from just before the lockdown (March 30th – left) to today (April 8th -right):

It might seem strange coming from someone who’s happy to share intimate details of his life, but I am a bit sensitive about my weight in the waist and stomach area – especially as I recently had to buy 36″ waist jeans having been a 34″ most of my adult life. If I can get back into my 34″ jeans again I’ll be happy. Plus, as I joked to Lady Sharky, if I’m fitter when we’re reunited I’ll be able to have sex longer and harder – the prospect she says she finds equally “intriguing and terrifying” lol.


We hope you’re all you couples are managing to keep love, sex and romance alive during lockdown, and all you singles are at least enlightened by this post as to how some of us are accomplishing it. Lady Sharky and I have been invited to an orgy once this is all over – maybe we should host one of our own afterwards too. As always, let us know if you’d be interested, or have any other comments and questions about our lifestyle.

Be Safe and Be Sexy

Sharky and Lady Sharky


P.S. If you’re viewing older entries in this blog and find photos and videos are missing, I deleted a lot of imagery at Lady Sharky’s request. Once the lockdown is over, we’re going to look at ways of possibly revamping and re-imagining this part of our lives. Which might mean fewer pics/vids, or placing them behind a (very small) paywall, we haven’t decided yet. Suggestions welcome on that front as well.

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