You’re never bored when there’s a penis…

Greetings sexy people. Sorry for the lack of posts. Things are a bit stressful right now for obvious reasons. But in the midst of all the social isolation, Lady Sharky and I still find time to be silly.

You know you’ve reached a stage of pure intimacy where you’re just laying in bed and she absent-mindedly just starts playing with your penis. Not even as a precursor to anything sexual, just because it’s there and it’s something to play with, like an all-natural fidget-spinner.

I like to think I can speak for most men when I say that we’re OK with this. We enjoy having our penises played with – trust us, we’ve been playing with them ever since we discovered them. Especially those of us who, like me, still retain a somewhat childish sense of humour.

Case in point…

Lesbian couples; here’s an insight into the minds of couples with at least one penis. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking you had the better deal lol.

(this literally started after a conversation about the infamous ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ stage shows – Google them if you had an innocent youth!).

Be safe, be sexy, and be silly. We’ll try and have something more sexy for you in the near future.

Sharky and Lady Sharky.

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