An Update

Hey sexy people. Just a quick update as to why we haven’t posted anything in a bit. A few reasons:

Firstly, Lady Sharky has been house-hunting for the best part of 2 years, and after yet another offer was rejected, coupled with unrelated issues at her job, it’s left her very stressed. Which has naturally had an effect on our sex life. Because stress can cause vagina muscles to tighten, sex for us recently has been very much in the form of non-penetrative fun and very gentle penetrative sex involving gentle, shallow thrusts and LOTS of lube – nothing rough, adventurous or accessorised. Don’t mistake us, basic sex is still great fun; orgasms are still plentiful, and I’ve often said that a kinky sex life is one that evolves from a good basic sex life, but there’s nothing really of note to write about except to say that these things do happen, and that it’s not the end of the world as far as your sex life is concerned if it happens to you as long as you both communicate with each other about what you can and can’t do.

Secondly, I became aware that this blog was getting a bit gratuitous – “This is what I did!” “Look how hot Lady Sharky is!” – there’s only so much people can stomach of that and I get that. I want to be a bit more selective in future about what I write about (and let’s be honest, I can generally get away with posting about how hot Lady Sharky is on Facebook lol).

One thing that did happen is that one of my friends pointed me in the direction of an online company who was looking to hire an ‘Intimate Customer Service Manager’ – someone to help manage customer queries about the wide range of sex toys and bedroom accessories the website sold. It paid £38K a year and the chosen applicant would be required to familiarise themselves with the range! You could see why my friend thought it would be something myself or Lady Sharky would be good at.

Well we did certainly give it some thought; I put together a pitch (of all the things university taught me, the ability to pitch oneself is perhaps the best thing I ever learned) which would have sold the company the idea of a couple (we’d have split the salary) who, as well as taking on the advertised roles, reviewed the company’s range explicitly on this blog as well – as opposed to the more ‘mainstream’ online sex shops that at best have simulated sex acts.

In the end though, Lady Sharky decided that she wasn’t prepared to subject herself to such an extreme lifestyle change, which in all likelihood would have involved sacrificing the anonymity she asks of this blog. Whilst she’s happy for this blog to be read by our friends and people who happen upon it organically, 1000s of strangers in a professional setting would be a bit much. And as I wouldn’t want to do anything like this without her involvement – we’re a package deal! – we decided this wasn’t for us at this time. We’re happy just being working professionals by day who have a bit of fun in the evenings.

That’s not to say we don’t have some stuff we still want to write about. We want to write honest reviews of Lady Sharky’s new Womaniser clitoral stimulator (in a word; intense!), as well as a WeVibe couple’s sex toy from LoveHoney which we haven’t tested yet, so keep your eyes out for them in the future.


Be Safe and Be Sexy

Sharky and Lady Sharky


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