Sexy Night In – An Invite

Good afternoon sexy people. Because Lady Sharky and I are still broke, we’re having one of our sexy nights in tonight (Friday). Which means lingerie/fancy boxers, cheesy music, board games, movies – during which things may get intimate. If you do fancy joining us, there’s never any pressure to do anything; couples who maybe just want to dip their toes into the social side of this scene but stick to their own partners, or singles who might just want to observe or experience an intimate atmosphere for an evening without any pressure or obligation. Our toybox will be open to anyone who wants to try something (or watch us try something!) – feel free to bring your own. 8pm onwards.

What happens in our flat stays in our flat (and doesn’t end up on this blog), so strictly no phones or cameras.

Get in touch with either of us privately or on Facebook. Please don’t be offended if we say no this time – I’m sure we’ll have another one soon.


Be Safe & Be Sexy,

Sharky & Lady Sharky

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