Audience Participation Required

We always like pushing the limits with our sexuality. Whilst we’re open to people joining us in the bedroom, we appreciate that that’s not for everyone. So we’ve come up with a kinky way we think will allow the more ‘vanilla’ of you to indulge your kink side and maybe dip your toes into our world without actually doing anything that would make you uncomfortable.

Recently, Lady Sharky bought a new insert-able Love Egg that sits inside her and vibrates at the command of a remote control, to replace a previous one that broke. She went for the more basic Ann Summers model – we should probably indulge in one of the fancy expensive ones with smartphone connectivity at some point, but these work fine for now, especially as our kinky side is only one part of our relationship (remember, we believe that kinks should enhance an already great sex life, rather than define it). We’ve gone out in public before when she’s had one inserted, with me discretely activating it via the remote at random times and watching her trying to maintain a straight face.

Well now we’re giving you the opportunity to take control of the remote! We will be heading out into Liverpool this evening, Lady Sharky with the Egg inserted (possibly with a butt-plug and nipple-clamps as well for extra stimulation!). If you see us, come and say hi and utter the pass-phrase “I want control!” and I will give you the remote and let you activate it at random. We’ll see if Lady Sharky can maintain her composure, or whether she’ll be squirming in her seat!

Naturally we ask you to be subtle and discrete – don’t go waving the remote around and let everyone know what’s happening. If Lady Sharky utters our safe word, I will ask for the remote back and switch it off. We haven’t quite decided where we will be going yet, but keep an eye on my social media and we’ll keep you updated.

Lady Sharky will also be wearing a pair of her new panties as seen in the previous blog entry – whilst I get to select which ones she wears, I’m open to suggestions hehehe!


Be Safe, Be Sexy and maybe we’ll see you later,



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