Lady Sharky’s New Killstar Lingerie

This entry is not sponsored – we bought all items on clearance – but hey, if Killstar (or anyone else) wants to send us some stuff to model, get in touch!

So recently I got an email newsletter from alternative clothing brand Killstar advertising their big lingerie clearance sale. Now I freely admit that I’m a sucker for seeing my Lady Sharky in sexy undies – I’ve shared photos of some of her newly acquired pieces before (thanks to everyone who gave feedback on these, by the way). So I asked her if I could buy her some lingerie. Buying lingerie for your significant other I think is highly erotic and brings you closer together as a couple, although generally I prefer going into a shop and looking at things together.

I’m a big fan of Killstar – I own a couple of jumpers myself – and their lingerie section has some beautiful-looking pieces which up until now I’ve never bought for anyone. I avoid buying clothing online if I can help it, different brands having different ideas on what constitute certain sizes. Killstar didn’t help by sizing their lingerie using Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL, with only a vague size guideline as to how they correlate to female dress sizes. Lady Sharky is what the fashion industry would call ‘plus-sized’ (I prefer the term ‘bodaciously curvaceous’ myself), and finding pretty lingerie in her size on the high street is only usually possible in Ann Summers. Killstar’s unique pieces, coupled with the amazing clearance prices, meant that we felt they were worth the risk of buying the XXL size, which according to the vague size guide were a ‘maybe’ in terms of whether they’d fit or not. If they fitted, great, if not, I hadn’t lost too much money on them. So I sent her the link to the relevant section on the Killstar website, and after ascertaining that there was nothing there she found hideous, she asked me to surprise her with any pieces I’d like to see on her.

I may have gone a bit nuts! We figured that the knickers were a safer bet in terms of size, as Lady Sharky is very busty, so I focused mainly on them rather than the ‘bralets’ – of which I only bought one in the hope that it would fit. On the whole, we were both pleasantly surprised at the results. While the knickers varied slightly in size depending on the cut and style, none were too small, and the one bralet Lady Sharky describes as “small on the cups, big on the back”.

For the record, Lady Sharky’s measurements are 34-36 G/GG in the cup (hence why it was always going to be unlikely that the cups were going to fit her boobs), and a size 16-18 in knickers. Now that we know that Killstar’s XXL lingerie isn’t too prohibitive for these sizes, we feel more confident in ordering from them in the future. So here they are in all their glory. We’ve linked them in their titles should you wish to catch them before the sale ends (in just under 14 hours at time of writing):

The Neoma Fishnet Panty



The Purraise Satan Panty



The Dark Arts Panty



The No Chance Panty



The In Bloom Panty



The Pussy Liquor Deluxe Bralet and Panty (bought separately)

In the words of Lady Sharky, the bralet isn’t made for support, and her impressive bosom does try to escape from it occasionally, so it’s not practical in terms of everyday wear – but it’s fine for the bedroom or for dressing down in a sex club. Be honest – who wouldn’t love Rob Zombie undies? I want some myself!



We hope you enjoy the images. Whilst it would be nice if Killstar had a dedicated plus-size section with plus-size models (Lady Sharky is available), we’re really pleased with everything. Please feel free to leave us some feedback, maybe let us know which ones are your favourites.


Be Safe and Be Sexy


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