App idea/sexy invite

So I was reading a Buzzfeed article about Grindr yesterday (which, even as a ‘mostly straight’ man, was actually really interesting – one of those articles that Buzzfeed do really well when they’re not trying to decide which Toy Story character I am [clearly Woody]), and I got to thinking. Is there a dating/hook-up app for couples who like to date and meet as a couple? I’ve had many online profiles – both dating and social – and I’m not sure I recall any where you could join as a couple.

We’ve all seen those couples who share a Facebook page. I’ve had one in the past with a partner which was a secret one where we could upload naughty things to Facebook, but Facebook started cracking down on that sort of thing.  The fact that Lady Sharky doesn’t use Facebook means that mine sort of speaks for both of us anyway. Whilst there are swingers sites like FabSwingers that we use (check out our profile here), are there any app-based dating/hookup platforms for couples, throuples and poly-families to meet other multi-person dating units and/or single folk who would like to join them?

Whilst it obviously would be romantic and/or sexual in nature, it could also be useful for couples (I’m thinking mainly as a couple here, so apologies if the rest of this thought is couple-centric) who just want to meet other couples for platonic friendships as well. Once you hit your 30s, we all know how hard it becomes to make new friends. Maybe you have kids and miss social contact with adults. Maybe you don’t have kids by choice and want to meet other childless couples to have adventures with. Maybe you just both want to meet a single person for threesome fun.

Incidentally, does Fetlife allow for couples? I don’t use it much. I know it’s very poly and multi-person relationship friendly, but can you actually have a couple’s profile on there? In any case, sites like FAB and Fetlife don’t, to my knowledge, have a dating/hookup App. I confess I’ve never seen Grindr or Bumble in action, but I’ve used Tinder and POF’s Apps in the past, so I’m thinking along those lines. I haven’t quite worked out the specifics, but I’m thinking you could swipe through profile pictures which contained everyone in the relationship unit, with first names, genders and ages displayed like Tinder, then you could click on their profile and it would detail what the relationship setup was (couple, throuple, open relationship, poly relationship, poly family etc.) and what exactly they were looking for. The App would be for any and all genders and sexualities, but obviously you could filter it to show who you were looking for. Somehow it would work so that one profile is synced to everyone in the relationship’s phone, so that when you get a match or a notification, everyone can see it.

I don’t know if this is really a viable idea, or just me spouting nonsense. But if there are any App developers on the scene, give me a holler! I even have a name – ‘Cupdate!’ (you know, for couples…who date…Cupdate…it made sense in my head). Not sure how you’d encourage uptake – maybe partner with FAB, I don’t know. But it’s an idea.


Lady Sharky and I have a free evening tomorrow (Saturday), so if there are any open-minded couples who fancy a drink somewhere chilled in town and see where the night takes us let us know, either personally or via our FAB account. She’s bought me some new sexy/humorous undies and I’ve ordered her some new fancy knickers, so doubtless there will be pics soon!

Be Safe and Be Sexy


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