Sexy Night In – Company Welcome

Lady Sharky and I are having another sexy night in tomorrow (Friday 14th), which means stripping down to our undies, some mattresses in the front room, some sweets, junk food and wine (for Lady Sharky), either some sexy music or a film on the TV, and letting our imaginations run away with our bodies (so to speak). If anyone wants to join us, then feel free to get in touch either personally, or via our FAB Profile. Generally we like meeting couples, but we may entertain a single person depending how we feel (please don’t be offended if we say no this time). If people would prefer to meet for a drink in the pub first before retiring to our flat, then that’s ok too. Whilst we do insist on the underwear rule to cut out any initial awkwardness, there’s never any pressure to do anything else during our sexy nights in – you can just sit and watch us if you want! – and what happens in our flat stays in our flat.

Here’s what the flat looked like the morning after our last one. As you can see, fun was had! Toys, lube and condoms are in plentiful supply in our flat lol.


Be Safe and Be Sexy


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