Lady Sharky and I celebrated 8 months together this weekend gone. A pretty meaningless milestone, but any excuse to stay in, bring the non-sleeping mattresses to the front room and have sexytime!

Long story short, we had anal sex for the first time.

Hetero anal sex (that is, penis in her arse) is one of those things that’s not openly talked about, even in general sex talk. Up until this weekend, I’d only ever experienced it twice in my life. My ego tells me it’s because I’m a larger gentleman, but the rational part of my brain tells me it’s because it’s not for every woman. And make no mistake, whether anal sex is on the cards is strictly a female decision in hetero relationships.

As a man, it honestly doesn’t feel any different to vaginal sex. Any claims about it being tighter are just bro-culture bullshit (broshit?); your penis isn’t exactly echoing around in a vagina, the resting position of which – and I really hope I’m not providing any new information here – is smaller than the diameter of the average penis.

Some women are into anal play, some are not. That’s as simple as it gets. Ladies, it’s not weird to like it, it’s not weird to not like it – everyone’s different and your partner should respect that (on the flip side of course, you must also respect your partner if pleasuring your poop shoot is not his thing). Gents, you’re not going to change the mind of any woman who isn’t into it, and you’re not going to push a woman who is into it beyond any limits she has already defined through self-experimentation. You’re basically just a fleshy butt-plug when it comes to hetero anal sex. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be intimate – the trick is to relax and not stress about it.

As it happens, Lady Sharky is very much into anal play, and owns several plugs of various sizes which often feature in our sex sessions. This weekend, being a relaxing chill weekend, was no exception. After a few glasses of wine, Lady Sharky is not subtle when it comes to defining what she wants from a sex session, and had helpfully brought out a couple of butt-plugs before we’d even settled in for the night, as if to say “these are going in my arse tonight – you can either be a part of it or not”. After a lot of pre-penetrative sex and penetrative sex, both of which involved some anal rimming and fingering, the session naturally progressed to the butt plugs. Lady Sharky decided to bypass the smaller plug and opt for the furry tail stainless steel butt plug, which is one of the largest butt plugs she owns (and it has a tail!!!). We’ve never been able to insert this plug before until this weekend, which I’m taking as a positive sign of the progression of our relationship. The results speak for themselves:





Plug in place, vaginal sex was then had again to create a DP (double penetration) sensation which Lady Sharky assures me is an amazing sensation for her, far more intense than vaginal sex alone. I discovered there’s something strangely fun about fucking a lady with a tail, although I can’t give you any specifics as to why. Probably just appeals to my inherently silly nature!

Once we’d established that Lady Sharky was comfortable with that size plug in her arse, I asked her if she wanted to try my cock in her arse and got an enthusiastic response.

Now one would think that this wouldn’t need saying but I’m going to say it anyway; use lube!!! Seriously, lube is your friend when it comes to any form of anal play. A quick un-sponsored name-check to our lube brand of choice, the System JO H2O Anal Original Lube – it’s by far the best lube either of us have ever used, and all the selling points on the link are all true. And a big thanks to the staff at the Liverpool branch of Nice ‘n’ Naughty for recommending it to us.

Once I’d slipped on a condom (a personal choice, because no matter how thoroughly you clean that area, you don’t want to run the risk of poop particles on or in your dick. Remember, porn stars have unprotected anal sex so you don’t have to!) and lubed up both my cock and her arsehole, I gently eased the tip inside her arse. Because the shape of my cock is such that the shaft is actually wider than the head, I basically then just stayed still and let Lady Sharky ease her way down onto the shaft at her own pace – a technique I’d recommend to any couple – until she was comfortable with the whole thing inside her. Which eventually she was!

Lady Sharky being as much a fan of photos as I am, she’s rather annoyed I only got one pic of the event itself. The doggy style position we were in didn’t really lend itself to capturing anal sex, as the natural enveloping nature of her butt cheeks shields the viewer from which hole the cock is actually in. I guess you’re just going to have to trust us that this was the popping of our anal cherry as a couple:


Once we’d established a very gentle thrusting rhythm, Lady Sharky inserted a vibrating phallic dildo into her vagina for the aforementioned intense DP sensation, the vibrations from which I could feel inside her arse and were very pleasant! Alas, no pictures of that. Maybe if we find a willing photographer in the future.

So that was our anal sex adventure over the weekend. I think it honestly meant more to Lady Sharky, who really enjoys anal play, than myself; as I said I’ve only experienced it twice before, and only once in a long-term relationship (and that was the most recent but at least 7 or 8 years ago now), so it’s never really been a part of my sex life or something I sought after.

Next on both our sexual bucket lists is to actually engage in a proper DP involving another guy, but that will probably take some time to find a guy we both like and trust (possibly part of a couple on social sex scene). We’re open to offers if you want to throw your cock into the ring, but please don’t be offended if we say no.


Be Safe and Be Sexy


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