Warmer weather, hotter content! (EXPLICIT MEDIA)

All media shared with the explicit consent of those appearing in it. Not for duplication or sharing.

So with the weather getting warmer, Lady Sharky has switched from a standard pyjama t-shirt to a pyjama tank-top. Which to those of us who enjoy sleeping next to a woman means one thing; ESCAPING BOOBIES!!!

Yes it’s adolescent-ish (the word ‘childish’ doesn’t seem appropriate on a blog like this), but it’s still a wonderful sight to wake up to:

Lady Sharky doesn’t want to show her face on this blog, but even so, I am doubly forbidden from showing her ‘just woken up’ face!


Whilst all media so far on this blog has been from my personal collection, uploaded with the consent of those involved, this next video comes from Lady Sharky’s personal collection. I think I’ve mentioned before how she has a cum fetish – specifically being cum on. Whilst I try and indulge her as often as I can, up until now we’ve never been able to capture it on video, as neither of us are usually in any state after a marathon sex session to grab a camera and capture the cum-shot, should there be one.

But the other day, I was unusually tired and she was unusually awake at 1.30am. I like to think it’s testament to my commitment to her libido that, even when I’ve rolled over and am just about to nod off, she can go “Sharky, I need cock!” and I will oblige (although in this particular instance, with the proviso that it would just be a 30-minute quickie with nothing too adventurous!). Let’s just say that Lady Sharky knows how to get what she wants (hence the slightly unusual kink-identity, ‘Bratty Sub’)! Knowing that whenever there’s a camera involved in any aspect of my life I will always try and perform and play up for it, she grabbed her phone whilst I was on top of her with her legs in the air and started filming. This of course spurred me on to fuck harder, and my cum-prevention concentration levels – which were already low due to tiredness – were depleted fairly quickly. And Lady Sharky got her cum shot on camera!

Personally I think I can do better – it’s not as explosive as it can be when I’m firing on all cylinders. But it’s real, and that’s what I’m all about on this blog. If you’re a couple who like cumshots – and let’s be honest, they’re an optional extra when it comes to sex and by no means essential – they don’t have to look like porn cumshots. Our belly rolls and pube-stubble are clearly visible in this clip, because most people don’t have perfectly flat stomachs and stay wax-smooth 24/7. I call this clip ‘Sharkus Interruptus’.


Feedback always welcome. Be Safe and Be Sexy,


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