We’re planning a sexy Hugh Jackman Musicals evening – anyone want to join us?

So last weekend wasn’t very sexy, for alcohol and tiredness-related reasons , so nothing worth writing about happened. Lady Sharky and I are planning to make up for it this weekend with one of our themed evenings.

So later this month we’re going to see Hugh Jackman perform songs from the various musicals he’s been in, and figured we should refresh our memories regarding his non-Wolverine work! So we’re planning a Les Miserables/The Greatest Showman double bill in the flat this Saturday night (May 11th). Same deal as our usual sexy evenings – we bring some mattresses into the living room to make it a fun play area, we get some snacks and some drinks, strip down to our sexy underwear, and enjoy ourselves. We thought we’d open it up again to any of our friends who read this blog and are perhaps curious.

Yes, Lady Sharky and I will probably engage in some sexy playtime during the films – anyone who attends is welcome to as well, or just watch us (swapping may occur by mutual consent, but it’s certainly not a pre-requisite for attending). Whilst we do enforce the underwear rule – it puts everyone on an even setting, gets rid of any awkwardness or embarrassment early on and, let’s face it, makes the whole evening sexier! – there is never any pressure to do anything at our evenings. We’ll have toys, lube and baby-wipes available if you want to use them, or feel free to bring your own. If you’d like to have a social (fully clothed lol) meet-up beforehand in a pub or similar, then that’s doable too. And remember, what happens in our flat stays in our flat!

As I’ve written about before, this sort of lifestyle is primarily for couples, so that’s who these invites are generally aimed at. We might entertain a single person, but it will depend on the person and how we feel – feel free to message, but please don’t feel bad if we say no this time.

If you’re curious, then feel free to message me on Facebook if you know us, on our FAB Profile, or on our new dedicated email for our sexy shenanigans; maraudersmap69@hotmail.com


Be Safe and Be Sexy,


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