Side-eye, and unleashing your inner Robin Williams!

So this weekend Lady Sharky and I were getting hot and heavy and she was experimenting with the camera herself. She discovered how affirming and confidence-building it can be to see yourself owning your sexuality. Whilst most of what she took she’s requested I don’t share, she did capture this epic shot while she was sitting her magnificent arse on my face in a 69 and inadvertently captured THE GREATEST SIDE-EYE SHOT OF ALL TIME!!!


Amazingly, she wasn’t even looking as she took the shot – the nature of the 69 is that she had my cock in her mouth at the time, but had always been curious to see things from my end so reached behind her with the camera and snapped this pic blind, so to speak. I knew she was taking pics during the session, but most of what she took I was more focused on what I was doing – I must have literally just glanced over for a second as she took this!

Incidentally guys, stick a pillow under your head if she’s on top in the 69 as shown in the pic (especially if, like me, your several inches taller than your partner). Stops you getting a crick in your neck.

Moving on…

There’s a famous ending to one of the late great Robin Williams’ legendary stand-up routines where he talks about going down on a lady, complete with actions. Just watch it for yourself (someone was kind enough to upload it onto Youtube):


I’ve never given too much thought as to what I look like when I’m going down, and apart from the odd posed photo here and there…

I’m literally about 21 or 22 here, so well over 10 years ago now!

…it’s not something that’s usually captured on film. I like to think it’s because the lady’s too busy enjoying herself, but maybe it’s because we do look like Robin Williams! Lady Sharky actually did record some of my downtown tongue activities last night (I thought she was taking pics – turns out she was filming), and I can now exclusively confirm that, guys, we do look like Robin Williams!!!


I won’t claim that it’s a particularly interesting video – it’s made slightly more entertaining by the fact that Lady Sharky had her Spotify going on her phone while she was filming and Jimmy Eat World’s ‘The Middle’ just happened to sync up to this video. Is it me, or does it work rather well?

Robin Williams was a hero of mine, and I’m sure he’d take great pleasure in knowing that a small part of him survives any time someone eats pussy!


Be Safe and Be Sexy


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