The long and short of it.

So Lady Sharky informed me that she’s just ordered a pair of high-heeled New Rock boots, and my initial response was “I’m so fucking you in them!” Her response was “I knew you were going to say that!” (there were some laughing emojis in there as well – I think the eye-rolling was implied). Now, I don’t have a shoe or foot fetish, but I do have a thing for tall women, which is where the heels come into play. I often joke that my last remaining sexual fantasy is to be with a woman taller than me (unlikely to happen, as I’m 6’2 in bare feet). Obviously it’s not a requirement in a relationship – in fact, most of my partners have been small-to-average height. But I’ve always wondered where my love of tall woman comes from and why I’m sexually attracted to them.

I suppose the fact that I’m a tall man factors into this. Whilst I don’t want children, maybe something in my genetic need to procreate is subconsciously saying “Mate with a tall woman and your children will be giants who will reign supreme!”

Maybe the fact that I can look these women in the eye without looking down is subtly establishing a sense of equality between the two of us. Sex is always better, even (and especially) in dom/sub relationships, when both people view each other as equals.

There’s also something to be said for the idea that men are attracted to women who remind them of their mother. My mother is a tall lady (her father was tall too, which is where my height comes from). Whether you believe this idea is obviously up to you, but you can’t deny that a man’s first important relationship (even if it is familial) with a women is with his mother. My mother is also very intelligent and well-read – two other qualities I’m also very attracted to. Judge for yourself.

There’s also the fact that sex as a tall man is subtly different with short and average-height women to sex with taller women. In missionary positions with shorter women, we’re rarely face-to-face (my chin is often resting on their heads unless I bend my body slightly). Again with the eye-contact – not just for a sense of equality, but maintaining eye contact during sex is one of the most powerfully intimate things you can experience. If it’s not something you’re conscious of during sex, try just holding each other’s gaze next time and see if it works for you. It’s why many men ask their partners to look up at them as they give them a blowjob, and I’ve even heard male porn stars ask that female porn stars not look them in the eyes as it makes the whole thing too intimate (most mainstream porn, as we know, is purely physical) and they might cum too soon!

The 69 position is also, as you can imagine, easier when both participants are roughly the same height. With average height women like Lady Sharky, when I’m underneath I generally stick a couple of pillows under my head to angle my head forward, as without them I get a crick in my neck from leaning forward. When I’m on top (most sex guides advise that a man doesn’t go on top in a 69 as there’s a choking risk, so if you do attempt it, please take care), my cock tends to get bent backwards slightly – don’t get me wrong it’s still pleasurable, but not quite as natural.

There’s also the question of standing sex, which I do enjoy, and which is easier with either tall women or women in heels/on a step (I know at least one couple who keep a small step in the bedroom just for this purpose). As to why I like standing sex is a different question altogether – you might as well ask why do we like any sex position? Different position, different experience. I confess, as both a vain and voyeuristic person I like doing it in front of a mirror! With average-height women, it generally requires a lot of stooping on my part which is not sustainable for long periods of time, so you can see the appeal of being with a woman of a similar height. Whilst penetration from behind is generally the norm for standing sex, with one taller woman I’ve been with we were able to have standing sex face-to-face (It sticks in my head because it was the first time I realised I had a cuckold fetish; I’d just watched her fuck another guy, was so turned on I had to have sex with her there and then, and it just happened to be standing face-to-face sex. Whether it was the position or the situation that made it mind-blowing I don’t know, but I’ve never forgotten it).

So yes, when these new boots arrive, I’m sure much fun will be had. If Lady Shark is amenable, we may take some pics for you, as we know how much you like them (we also like it when you comment on them).


Be Safe and Be Sexy


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