Sharky’s Sexy Lingerie Night-In

We know how hard it is to take your first steps into the world of what I call ‘social sexuality’. You’re curious, but you don’t want to go diving in off the deep end with a club. I always thought it would be beneficial for people to have a small sexy experience they could try out to see if they feel comfortable in these situations.

So Lady Sharky and I were thinking of hosting a very small ‘Lingerie Night-In’ at my flat tomorrow (Saturday 23rd) for any of our friends who might be interested. The idea being is that we turn our living room into an intimate boudoir (mattresses on the floor, cushions, blankets etc.), we dim the lights, all dress down to our nicest undies for everyone to admire – it’s saucy but not extreme – and we chill out with a sexy film with some drinks, snacks and a general relaxed social gathering where nobody negatively judges anyone for their body type or how they look.

Yes, maybe later in the evening the undies come off and sexytimes are had, but there would be absolutely no pressure; everyone can stay with their own partners and can do as much or as little as they want – even if it’s just watching me and Lady Sharky. Because having sexytime whilst watching other couples around you also have sexytime is still a very intimate, erotic experience without the pressure to ‘perform’ in a club or the awkwardness of asking whether another couple wants to play with you. Obviously if any couples are comfortable playing with others, we’re not going to stop anything between consenting adults, but the idea is that people feel relaxed with each other first.

We’ll be providing some snacks, soft drinks and a bit of alcohol (we’re not big drinkers), but feel free to bring your own. Toys are always welcome – wet wipes, lube and condoms we have plenty of. Strictly no cameras, and what happens in our flat stays in our flat. Discretion and respect are absolute in this world, and anyone who can’t appreciate that will be asked to leave.

Right now we’re just looking for 1 or 2 male-female couples. Single women by request, but it’s not really the kind of event for single guys. Message us privately if you know us, or via our FAB account.


Be Safe and Be Sexy


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