“Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter…”

So Lady Sharky and I have hit on the novel idea of having marathon sex sessions to some of our favourite Disney animated musicals (mainly the Renaissance period from Little Mermaid onwards).

Now bear with me on this. It’s quite normal to put on something to set the mood, be it music or porn or whatever, and we do use them as well. But Disney films? I can see how you might think that one a bit weird. Honestly, it started with just a normal plan to watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in bed, which just so happened to turn into an epic sex session.

But the other night we did it to ‘The Little Mermaid’, this time with the objective of letting it play in the background. And it was great! Including early pre-penetrative sex*, we actually lasted the entire film (it’s 82 minutes – I checked lol) and then some. Obviously this depends on whether you’re both big Disney Kids or not – Lady Sharky and I very much are. Here’s why I think there may be method in our madness.

A Disney animated musical hits every beat for great sex; the first part of the film tends to be slow, setting up all the characters and situations before the action kicks in – perfect for the early non-penetrative sex*! Then the action kicks in, often with an upbeat song like ‘Be Our Guest’ or ‘Under The Sea’, which is great for the early enthusiasm when you start having penetrative sex. Further into the film will be slower songs (‘A Whole New World’, ‘Tale as Old as Time’ etc.) and more emotional scenes where you can slow the action down for more intense lovemaking. And then you can lock into the film’s climax as you both climax – who doesn’t want to cum just as King Triton makes that rainbow lol?

Because it’s only natural to lock into the tempos of any music or beat that’s playing during sex, the variety of song-styles in a Disney animated musical helps you vary up the speed and intensity of your lovemaking. The films, assuming you grew up with them as we did, fall right into that perfect balance of being familiar enough so you can concentrate on other tasks while it’s playing, yet distracting just enough so us guys don’t get too excited too soon, if you know what I mean.

And hey, if there’s a particular scene you both like and want to watch, that’s what doggy-style is for!

I’m not saying it’s going to work for everyone, but I thought I’d throw it out there. If you find it works for you, do let us know! Now excuse me, I’m going to check I have Aladdin on blu-ray…


Be Safe and Be Sexy



*[I’m trying to phase out the word ‘foreplay’, as it implies that something has to come after it. There’s a school of thought that I subscribe to that thinks that sex education is not putting enough emphasis on non-penetrative sex (full-body tongue stimulation, fingering, handjobs, oral sex, toy sex, face-sitting, 69, facials etc.), that it doesn’t have to just be something you stick on the beginning of penetrative sex, and can be great sex on it’s own. I certainly have had great sexy times with ladies that didn’t involve my penis in a vagina]

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