Putting on a condom, close-up

So recently Lady Sharky and I were talking and she revealed that she didn’t know how to put on a condom. Personally I feel this is a task that everybody who wants to have sex with a penis should be familiar with – yes, women too. My ex, with whom I had an open relationship with, would tell me stories about guys in their 30s (and older) who didn’t know this particular life skill. Whilst whether you want to sleep with someone like that is up to you, if you’re in the mood, it’s worth learning how to compensate for this lack of knowledge. Plus, you know, if he’s tied down and doesn’t have the use of his hands, then that’s a situation that might require it too!

It’s always struck me how most condom demonstrations are pretty sterile. Either they’re put on a hard plastic phallus, or worse, a phallic fruit or vegetable. If you happen to be watching porn from a pro-condom studio, the majority of porn actors are circumcised. As someone who has an issue with non-medical circumcision (a debate for another time), I feel like I could educate in the subtle difference between applying a condom on an uncircumcised penis vs a circumcised one. Cue the video (shot by Lady Sharky herself) – I apologise for how fat I look:


Be kind – it’s hard to stay fully erect when you’re trying to teach! Tune in next time where we find out whether Lady Sharky can actually put one on herself! Your homework for this week is for those of you who are in relationships but unsure of how to put condoms on (especially women) to give it a go. It’s a useful skill. Requests to practice on me can be submitted via DM or through Lady Sharky lol.

Be Safe and Be Sexy,


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