Change of Plans (plus feedback on lingerie wanted!)

So with this blog I’ve tried to show how being in a sexually open lifestyle is freeing and a positive force in one’s life. Myself and now my Lady Sharky, as sexually compatible as two people can be, like to give off an air of confidence, body positivity and comfort in one’s own skin. And whilst most of the time we like to think that it’s true, we must always be aware of when our bodies and, more importantly, our minds say no.

Case in point; this evening Lady Sharky and I had planned to visit Merseyside’s premier swinger’s club, Townhouse. This was to be our first club outing as a couple. Whilst I had been to Townhouse before, Lady Sharky had not – although she is no stranger to the club scene, frequenting Cupids in Manchester as a single Lady. The plan was to meet up at mine and take the train over. But as soon as she appeared I could see that something was wrong.

I know that it can appear that women in this lifestyle are extremely strong, confident and outgoing, but the truth is it’s still very nerve-wracking for a woman to embrace her sexuality somewhere as open as a swinger’s club. A lifetime of society convincing women to be demure is very hard to shake off. Lady Sharky’s previous club outings had been with a couple who were close friends even before swinging, so they had security in numbers. The thought of going to a club she’d never been to before, as part of a serious relationship for the first time, just got a bit much for her and overwhelmed her.

Now as a very open and outgoing guy, I appreciate it’s a lot easier for me to put myself out there. But (to use the age-old cliche) with great power comes great responsibility. In all heterosexual sexual relationships and encounters, but especially outside the 2-person private-bedroom sexual situations, men need to be highly in tune to a woman’s feelings. Whenever sex moves outside the confines of a 2-person private-bedroom situation, a whole host of societal pressures are acting on her. Guys, if you sense your Lady is uncomfortable, pull the plug on the situation immediately. I personally have witnessed more than one woman have a mini-breakdown in a club because the whole situation became too overwhelming. It takes tremendous strength of character to throw off our puritanical upbringing, cut loose and have fun. But ladies, if it’s not happening tonight, for goodness sake speak up. Thankfully, she did tonight, and we stayed in with pizza and The Terminator (the greatest film ever made).

Guys, let’s normalise listening to women. It’s ok to not have sex if she’s not into it – especially when swinging is involved. Plans can change – her respect for you is more important.

So now we’re changing our plans so that our first club night is in Cupids which Lady Sharky is more familiar with and will feel more comfortable in. She had a couple of choices for her club outfit with her tonight, and we thought it might be fun to garner feedback as to which one people think she should wear. Here are the choices:



Or Purple:


The red one is an all-in-one bodysuit with a crotchless panty. The purple one is a top with a separate thong. Let us know what you prefer, either privately or in the comments.

Be Safe and Be Sexy,

Sharky and Lady Sharky

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