Valentine’s Day Toy Trial

Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful sexy people out there, single or otherwise. Myself and the beautiful Lady Sharky went out for a nice meal and then home for a night of passionate love-making, during which we took the opportunity to test out one of our new toys from LoveHoney – the VibroPack Vibrating Penis Enhancer



As the marketing image above clearly displays, it’s basically a rubber cock sheath with a tiny vibrator in it; the idea being that not only does it add extra girth to your penis, but that it turns the whole penis into a vibrator.

The public reviews on LoveHoney were somewhat mixed – it worked great for some couples, didn’t do much for other couples. But I thought it was an interesting concept and as the Lady Sharky is a big fan of toys in the bedroom, it got added to the basket with some other stuff.

Putting it on; I’d read some reviews that said that if your cock is lubed before you tried putting it on, there may be issues with it staying in place. As it happened, I didn’t put it on til we’d been having standard sex for while, so my cock was already glistening with m’Lady’s natural juices. But there was no issue with the sheath slipping around – quite the opposite in fact. It stayed on tightly, to the point where it might have proved awkward to re-position up and down the shaft. Luckily, I got my positioning right first time, despite the fact that every uncircumcised guy has to be mindful of the position his foreskin when placing anything over it (very few condom instructions mention this!).

Insertion; despite Lady Sharky being suitably wet by this point, I felt the need to add lube to the outside of the sheath. Anything dry rubber being inserted benefits with lube in my opinion. I switched the mini-vibe on at the base of the sheath, and gently inserted. Lady Sharky said it was uncomfortable at first; a strange cold shape, larger than and of a different texture to the natural cock she was used to. But then her body got used to it and it started to feel good.

Position; we started out with some standard missionary with some gentle thrusts so we could both become used to it. Gentle, shallow strokes seemed to be the order of the day for me, letting the girth and the vibration do the work. Then I knelt up and let Lady Sharky lay there just experiencing the vibration with very minimal thrusting (see photos below).

Vibration; the main comment on this product online is that the vibration is not powerful enough. We have to say we agree, especially when we compare it to larger vibes and our mains-powered Doxy Wand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok, and I personally witnessed several orgasmic shudders ripple through Lady Sharky’s lower half. But we both feel the unit could benefit with more power. A few commenters online have said that they’ve had good results with swapping the vibe it comes with with more powerful mini-vibes on the market. Lady Sharky and I might have a wander into Nice n Naughty this week to investigate mini-vibes.

Best Position; The best position for this sheath we unanimously agreed was with both of us sitting up in the lotus-like position, her straddling me with her legs wrapped around me. This allowed for a deeper insertion, with the base of the sheath sitting nicely on the clit, and again, very minimal thrusting needed.

All in all, it’s an ok product. Lady Sharky used the phrase “Strange, but not in a bad way”, which pretty much sums it up. I think as far as we’re concerned, if we can get a more powerful mini-vibe in there, it will be a great product – but judging from the other comments online, how much you get out of this product does vary greatly depending on the couple. But with my Ann Summers cock-ring with the vibrating rabbit ears (still the standard in my opinion when it comes to vibrating cock additions) having given up the ghost, this will do until I buy a new one (probably not from Ann Summers though). Here’s a few pics of the sheath in action:


Note to self; my pubes need trimming!

You may notice that Lady Sharky and I have stopped using condoms with each other (any other partners obviously it will still mandatory), despite neither of us wanting children. We’re both clean, and with her doubling up on birth control (implant for contraception, the Pill for period control), we feel secure enough to have sex without condoms. Not that I have any objection to condoms – always happy to wear them and I don’t personally experience any difference in pleasure. Because we both have high libidos, sex can be very spontaneous for us (Lady Sharky only has to say “Cock. Now!” and we’re off!) and it’s nice to have that spontaneity. I’m told that sex does feel better without a condom for Lady Sharky, so whilst I still preach safe sex and condom-positivity, I’m happy to go bareback because I love and trust Lady Sharky.

As always, whilst I’m happy for people who know me and Lady Sharky personally (nothing is posted about her without her consent) to read this, please be discrete about the contents of this blog if you see us about.

Be Safe and Be Sexy,


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