Improved Toybox

So my new partner and I have combined our sex toy collections (and invested in a few together) and if I say so myself it’s (ahem) coming along nicely. To the point that the box I was keeping them in just didn’t cut it anymore. I had this decent-sized cupboard unit that up until recently was simply storing miscellaneous odds and ends of things, and I figured it would make a useful storage space for all our toys and bedroom aides at the end of the bed. I really like how it’s turned out:

Left drawer; Batteries, Lube, Condoms, Sex Position Guide, Club Bag



Right drawer; Porn dvds (yes I still occasionally buy porn dvds; mostly niche stuff not fulfilled by online tastes – movie spoofs, goths, pirates, vampires etc)



Main cupboards; ALL OF THE TOYS!!! Plus spare restraints and collars. The Doxy Wand and the crop aren’t actually kept in the unit but down the side of the mattress for easy access, as they are more frequently and spontaneously used.



As always, questions and comments are welcome, either below this post or by direct message.

Be safe and be sexy,


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