Unseen photos (shared with consent)

Hello beautiful sexy people. I have a treat for you. Two ladies in my life have consented to letting me upload intimate photos starring the two of us.

This first lady is a friend and sometime play partner. A beautiful BBW lady (I do like my curvy ladies) with an insatiable sexual appetite. These photos were taken in April of last year (2018) and as you can see, much fun was had! Whilst annoyingly, I didn’t get it on camera, she’s also one of the few women I’ve managed to make squirt – like full-on several feet! It’s not a myth, people! She’s asked me to censor her face out of these photos, however, if you are deemed to be worthy, you may be permitted to follow her private sexy Twitter – @Big_girlNeedsIt


These next photos are very special. 4 months ago, I entered into a new relationship with an amazing woman. How amazing? Well, judge for yourself below…


We’re still exploring how our sexualities combine, but I can confidently say that I’ve never been with a woman as sexually compatible with me. It’s some of the most intense lovemaking I’ve ever experienced. We can make each other cum in ways we’ve never experienced before. I hope to share with you more details of our relationship in the future, but for now, let these saucy snaps whet your appetite. As usual, if you happen to encounter us in real life, please be discrete.

Also, as you can see these photos have been taken by myself, which I feel detracts from the action slightly. If any of my progressive friends feel they would be comfortable taking photos for me in such situations, do get in touch.

As always, be safe and be sexy,


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