New Fuck Buddy

My sex life has been a bit quiet of late. Various stresses affect myself and my main partner during December meaning we rarely get much time together. So apologies if this comes across as slightly self-congratulatory, but sometimes you need to give yourself a pat on the back.

Recently I had a fun experience with a new friend. It started out when she came into my shop to buy a couple of shirts. I guess it’s the ultimate fantasy of every shop owner to have a passionate fling with a customer. It turned out we had some mutual friends, and she added me on Facebook.

Well chatting turned to flirting. It turns out she used to work in a shop I used to frequent many years ago that used to be based in the same building as mine now is. When I used to come in, she said she always fancied me and wished she could have had me in the shop! Well flirting turned to sexting and the exchange of nudes. She’d built up quite an imagination of what she’d like to do to me over the years, and apparently the sight of me without my clothes didn’t disappoint! She stopped into the shop again, and although she was quite shy, there was some subtle groping and some tongue action.

I extended an open invitation to my flat – she accepted. There was to be no subtlety here – this was raw lustful animal magnetism. We were barely through the door to my flat when we were locked in a passionate embrace. My flat is still not really habitable, but my sleeping quarters are reasonably secure. We retired to the bed and had soon stripped each other down to our underwear.

Yet what followed was preceded by an unusual prologue. Like many women, she went to use the toilet before things started getting X-rated. She came back, having slipped a leopard-print negligee and practically leaped on me. My underwear came off, and she went down on me. She’s one of those women who actually enjoys the act, and she attacked my cock with an enthusiasm I haven’t experience since my swingers club days. Indeed, somewhat too enthusiastic (there was a bit of tooth-on-skin). I knew I wanted her on my face, and so I swung her round into a 69 position (her on top). It was then that I saw that there was still some toilet paper clinging to her…ahem…undercarriage. Well I’m a gentleman, so I managed to remove it without her knowledge, but ladies take note; this is not the first time this has happened! Going to the toilet is advisable both before and after sex, but just give yourself a check down there once you’re done. For someone less seasoned than myself, it could prove to ruin the mood.

Toilet paper surreptitiously removed, she parked herself on my face. She’s a curvaceous lady, and me in my submissive role loves being smothered like that. She’s one of those women who has a seriously small clit – to a degree where only a decent knowledge of the female anatomy will help you out. I’ve dealt with tiny clits before however (and giant ones as well), so I set to work. I’m never quite sure whether a lady prefers a tongue to focus on her clit or to penetrate her (my tongue is quite long and dexterous), so I tend to try a bit of both and see what gets results. Ladies, it’s ok to provide feedback on this front – if a guy hits a good spot, for goodness sake tell him to keep going!

It’s hard to concentrate at one end when being sucked off at the other, so I rolled her off me and proceeded south un-distracted and got my fingers involved. She’s also one of those ladies who likes to use her hands to push a man’s head further into her crotch if she wants it harder. I’ve always found it strange that some women do this and some women don’t. I have no strong feelings either way – what I’m doing is obviously producing a positive reaction, which makes me happy.

Having worked her pussy into a frenzy with my tongue and fingers, she demanded the dick. So I slipped on a condom (my main partner and I have a rule – mandatory condom use when with other partners. Plus it’s good common sense) and gently eased into her.

I don’t like going to hard and deep with a new partner. I’m a big guy and most women aren’t used to it. But no, she wanted me to go hellbent for leather (so to speak). I was on top and she even got her legs up onto my shoulders to prove that she meant business. Believe me, that doesn’t happen a lot, and even when it does, I’m usually only half-thrusting.

Well time becomes a blur after that. As the old adage goes, “Put your hands on a hot pan, a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second – it’s all relative!” (name the film). I know we well outlasted Disturbed’s ‘Live at Red Rocks’ album! At one point, she demanded we go doggystyle, but alas that proved too deep for her.

I did notice a bit of blood on the condom when I eventually withdrew. Not an uncommon occurrence when I’m with a woman who isn’t used to my size and demands I fuck her hard. It’s almost like taking her second virginity (if you believe it, it’s apparently what the lyrics to Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ are about).  She seemed to have enjoyed herself, and I ended up finishing in her mouth (at her request) and she swallowed! Been a long time since I had a lady who swallowed!

We finished the night cuddling and watching Zombieland. How romantic! To be honest, I think the evening was just what the two of us needed. I haven’t flexed my sexual muscles in a while outside of my main relationship, and she told me she hadn’t had sex as intense as that in years. There is talk of us becoming regular fuck buddies – for one thing, she’s annoyed she didn’t get to go on top, which is apparently her favourite position. She’s also curious about the swinging scene, so I might make a return there in the future, and she’s expressed an interest in filming our next encounter (volunteers for camera people get in touch), so maybe I’ll have something to show you next time.

Such is life however, it’s just a question of finding the time. It’s especially hard around the holidays…(that’s what she said!). But it’s good to be back, if only for one night!

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