Adventures in Doxy-Land, Pt. 2

So I used my Doxy wand, now christened Sexcalibur, again last night, this time with a different partner. I’ve been fighting a cold recently so my face wasn’t allowed near any of her…er…love holes (I was going to say “orifices”, but that sounds even worse!), and this is where the toys come in particularly handy. With my cunnilingus skills out of action, a wand and some lube (the icy-tingle kind) is a decent substitute. I’m not entirely sure if she came (it’s harder to tell with this partner, and a gentleman doesn’t ask), but there was some moaning because she demanded the cock!

Unlike the other week, I actually got to use the wand during penetrative sex as well. With her lying on her back and me kneeling before her, I was able to penetrate her whilst holding the wand against her clit. I could actually feel the vibrations through her onto my cock as well, which was a most enjoyable experience! But evidently I wasn’t quite hitting the right spot with the wand, which she grabbed and directed herself, leaving me in control of the penetration. It was an interesting power dynamic – each of us being in control of a different aspect of the orgasm. I’ve experienced women using clitoral stimulators before during sex, but not in a serious relationship, where the power dynamics are more clearly defined. I’m usually in charge of both clitoral and penetrative orgasms, even when I’m in the more submissive role (she’ll expect it of me as the sub – “Give me an orgasm now!”, rather than me demanding it as the dom – “I will give you an orgasm now!”), so it was nice to give up some of that power for a change. Indeed, my thrusting took a back seat as her back arched from the intense vibrations!

In the end though, the toys in this particular sexual relationship are just an occasional enhancement to an already intense sex life, so eventually the wand was discarded and I was ordered to fuck her hard from beneath her – the sign of a dominant women is that she makes you do all the work, even when she’s on top!

We were going to test out the new vibrator a friend sent me, but it turns out you need to charge it 4 hours before use! More on that in a future vlog.

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