With great power, cums great responsibility…

So as I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was having one of my ‘physical friends’ (which is a term I’m now using for partners outside my main relationship) round for a nice Saturday evening.

I had planned to take her to an American-themed restaurant in Liverpool, but much to my great embarrassment the place was closed! Whilst we’d hung out before, I wanted this to be like a proper ‘date’ and was mortified. Thankfully she was great and suggested we just get take-out pizza and watch a movie (which, to be honest, is my ideal date). Things still didn’t go right when we got in and I discovered my local take-out – which is only a minute’s walk from my front door – had forgotten to put chicken on my chicken pizza!

Things got better after that thankfully. After a conversation about movies revealed that she hadn’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road, that was what we watched before adjourning to the bedroom. (our safe word was ‘Furiousa’ lol)

Now as you may have seen in my previous blog entry, I’d recently bought a massage wand and was eager to try it out. I’ve used a wand before at a sex club, which had been an imported one with a plug adaptor. I’d seen the amazing affect it had on women – more intense than any vibrator I’ve ever seen – but in terms of actually purchasing one I was rather naive. Did they even sell them in the UK with a UK plug. So I went to my local ‘Nice n Naughty’ sex shop, whose staff I trust and always helpful. They told me that the model they stock – the Doxy Massager – is the main UK manufactured mains-powered wand and is far more durable than the cheap battery powered models you find and safe than using an adaptor on an imported wand. You can actually use it as a non-sexual massager too! I was sold. It even came in a choice of colours – I went with black in the end, but was tempted by the purple! (check out the model and the glowing reviews here – Doxy Wand)

Well after the clothes came off and I’d suitably turned her on by, amongst other things, going down on her, I strapped her to my bed using the restraints (this was one of my rare turns at being the dominant during sex) and fired up the wand. Did it work?

Too well!

Like seriously, this thing has some power to it! It has buttons to adjust the intensity, and I was varying it randomly against her clit to tease her. When I say that she was straining against my restraints and her eyes were rolling back in ecstasy, you get the idea! But here’s where the whole thing fell apart – the vibrations were so intense that it actually caused her bladder to need emptying and I had to let her out of the restraints so she could dash to the loo!

Well didn’t that just kill the mood? All my hard pre-penetration play (‘foreplay’ is kind of an outdated term now as it implies that everything that comes before penetrative sex doesn’t really count as sex) went out the window as of course her natural juices had disappeared. We were still really horny and we managed a quickie with lube, but I’d had a full evening planned (I don’t get to be dominant very often!). But I know all too well that when she tells you the mood has gone, you’ve got to accept it.

So yes, I can recommend the wand if you love (or want to give someone) really intense orgasms, but if you are planning an evening of sex, be aware that stuff like this can happen.

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