I really should be at home unpacking stuff, having moved flat last week. Yet here I am in the pub, procrastinating. It’s weird, because I couldn’t wait to get out of the flat I was living in, and have lucked out with a really nice city centre flat which I own (I was renting before). I have a lot of stuff – dvds, CDs, videogames, vinyls, books, clothes etc. – it all needs to be unpacked and organised. I usually love organising, and I know once I start I’ll love finding a home for everything. Plus, once I get the flat sorted, I can get back on the dating scene again – no lady is going to want to come back to my flat with it being in the state it is now – and maybe even think about hosting some parties again (some kinky, some vanilla). And yet this unpacking still isn’t getting done. I’m not sure if there’s some sort of psychological reason, that maybe I’m scared of owning and living in my own place with bills and insurance and everything that makes being an adult so…adult-y that I’m refusing to unpack. Or maybe I’m just lazy – I’ve been busy with some big t-shirt orders in the shop recently, with at least 80 different shirts being processed today alone – maybe i just can’t be arsed working on my home as well.

This blog entry was originally going to be about interesting places to have sex, where I’d rate places based on personal experiences (car, shower, woods…graveyards…etc). But I suppose that can wait – should probably should go home and start unpacking.

Here’s a photo of me tied up and blindfolded to keep you going.


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