The More You Know…

Most men probably aren’t interested about the ins and outs (pun intended) of their partner’s activities with other lovers. But as we’ve established, my fetish means I like to hear about that sort of thing. I get her to whisper in my ear in intimate detail how she fucks other guys while she gives me a handjob. It’s the only time I can cum when someone else gives me a handjob!

Here’s something my fellow men may not know (women will probably be like “Well duh!”) – your body type affects what sex positions a woman can do with you in more ways than you might think.

For example, I was recently fascinated to learn that my partner can actually get her legs back over her shoulders when she’s doing one of her “fuck toys” (her words, not mine). Now, because I have a slightly larger cock than most guys, I’m used to women not being able to take me in the ‘legs up’ piledriver position [which, in any case, should not be attempted lightly. It’s a porn position, and doesn’t have to appear in a normal sex life. Remember, what looks good in porn can be painful for women in real life]. I’ve always assumed that it was due to them not wanting me to hit their cervix (which, judging by the reactions I get when that happens, is not a pleasant experience). But my partner tells me that’s not necessarily the main reason.

My own issues with my weight aside, I’m generally on the slimmer side of the body build. If a woman wants to put her legs up to her shoulders whilst I’m on top of her, she has to expend effort to keep them there unless I’m holding them up. But one of my partner’s fuck toys is a shorter, fatter guy. When she’s fucking him, she tells me she can put her legs up and just let them rest against his large belly, rather than having to hold them up herself. Which means that she can feed this guy’s ego by letting his smaller cock hit places mine hits normally.

Probably not the most interesting fact you’ll ever learn. But I found it interesting. I’ve asked to see this in action, but she tells me this guy is shy and too insecure for me to be there. What is it with these guys lol? I’m pretty sure my partner gets off on corrupting these innocent little snowflakes haha. She also told me that she had to show this guy – in his twenties – how to put on a condom. I rolled my eyes, and she said she’s had to show guys in their thirties how to as well. Seriously…?

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