See me shiver with antici…


So last night I was left to fend for myself as my partner had one of her lovers round (well I actually had some work to do and needed an early night due to running a business event tonight). Consequently, thanks to my fetish, I’m now quivering with anticipation in work as I can’t wait to hear about her bedroom antics last night (and this morning apparently) – she’s being deliberately vague on the details to tease me. She’s promised to describe everything in detail while I fuck her tonight, which should result in some mind-blowing sex! For her as well as me – obviously I love hearing about her sexploits, and I think perhaps it spurs me on to be even better in bed than usual (and – male ego talking – I like to think I’m pretty good to begin with!). So it’s a win-win situation.

Obviously I would have liked to have been there to watch and maybe join in, but this was the first time this partner had had this guy over, and one does not spring a giant Shark on these guys – even if they are fully aware of our open relationships situation. Apparently I can be a bit intimidating – this partner even hides the deodorant I leave at hers in the bathroom, as apparently even the site of it in the bedroom can put her lovers off! Whilst I might privately think she should find guys a bit tougher, I think she likes corrupting the snowflake hipster types lol.

Obviously this lifestyle takes a good deal of trust. But not just in that I trust my partner to be safe, and not to let her other lovers interfere with our relationship – but I trust her to also know when my presence is and isn’t required in regards to her other lovers. If I get to join in – great! If not, I still have mind-blowing sex with a partner who loves and trusts me. Which is a great feeling.

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