Random Thoughts From My Crazy Brain

  1. Because one of my partners is slightly famous, she has the opportunity to sleep with famous people. To cut a long story short, I’ve seen a private dick pic of a musician from a band well-known enough that I stock them in my shop (for those of you that don’t know, I run a shop that exclusively sells rock and metal band t-shirts and patches). I take solace in the fact that although the dude looks somewhat like me (she has a type lol), I’m bigger in that department!
  2. Following on from that, I’ve learned that when it comes to actual desirable men, women do trade dick pics and discuss them with each other. The above dick pick came from my partner’s friend who managed to sleep with a musician my partner has been after for ages (like a good friend, she’s going to try and get my partner a go on him a well). Apparently my dick pick has been passed around as well. It was appreciated – phew!
  3. Is it wrong to ask that when a partner has her other lovers over, that they don’t use my condoms? Bring your own, you cheap bastards! Is that weird – “Slept with my partner? That’s cool. Used my condoms? Motherfu__!”
  4. One partner has expressed an interest in ‘tingle lube’. It turns out that the only thing I have in my drawer is ‘nipple stimulating gel’. I’ve used it to really effectively tingle nipples and clits before now, but I’ve never used it in conjunction with a condom. The directions on the tube don’t say whether it can be used with condoms or not, so I’m not taking any chances. Need to pick up some proper tingle lube – any recommendations, feel free to shout ’em out.

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