My Last Remaining Sexual Fantasies

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have experienced most of what normal guys might have on their sexual bucket lists. Some of them I’ve described in this very blog. But there are a few things left I would like to try, just so that I can look back when I’m old and say “I did it all! And I regret nothing!!!” Here are the few things the Shark has yet to experience.


Sleep with someone as tall or taller than me

I’m 6ft2 in bare feet. This has its advantages. Reaching things, mainly. In the bedroom, height doesn’t make much of a difference. Once you begin sharing that connection with someone, such things aren’t really on your mind as your bodies become one. I think women also generally, if subconsciously, seek out men bigger than them, as perhaps ‘bigger’ equates to being a protector, as far as traditional male-female roles are concerned which are still keyed into our DNA at some level. But just once, I’d like to lie on top of a woman and still be able to look them in the eyes, instead of resting my chin on their head. Having sex standing up from behind is great fun, but often a problem at my height – the angles required are delicate enough as it is without me having to bend my legs (or have her wear ridiculous heals), which gets uncomfortable after a while. If you’re ever encounter me socially, and a woman 6ft or taller walks passed, you’ll notice a distinct lack of concentration in whatever I was previously doing as I think about what could be. I’m not sure where this desire comes from – maybe it’s my genes subconsciously screaming “Our children will be tall and god-like!!!”, desperate to combine our genetic makeup to create a race of super-Sharkys. Or maybe it was the Snu-Snu episode of Futurama, I don’t know. I’ve slept with women of all shapes and sizes – from the ridiculously skinny to the super morbidly obese (the Shark does not discriminate if he connects with someone). I want to enjoy all of what womanhood has to offer. If you are, or know someone who is, 6ft or taller and fed up of men being intimidated by your/their height, please get in touch. For the record, I don’t want god-like super-Sharky children (the planet couldn’t handle it), but it might shut our genes up for a while.


Participate in an anal-vaginal DP

Now I have been part of more than one threesome involving two guys and a girl. I’ve written in detail about my fetish and how it ties into such situations. But for one reason or another, I’ve never been in a position where a woman has been able to take both of us in her lower love passages at once. Obviously, few women are willing or even able to attempt such a feat, but I hope one day to find someone who might be up for the challenge. Obviously due to my size, perhaps anal might be out of the question – only two women in my entire sexual history have ever been able to take me anally – but I’m quite happy to be the anchor cock whilst the other guy sets sail in Poo Bay. As mentioned in other blog entries, my fetish is seeing and experiencing my partner with other guys. In my mind, the DP would be the ultimate taboo goal; to feel another guy’s cock inside my partner whilst I’m also inside her…damn that would be hot! (This is why I use the disclaimer ‘mostly straight’ rather than just ‘straight’ when describing my sexuality lol). Of course, if I were to end up with an extreme female porn star, I wouldn’t be averse to double-vaginal and double-anal either. But that’s not normal – even when we’re talking about DP here! But it does lead me onto…


Star in a professional porn movie

I think every sexually active guy has thought about this at some point in their lives. Most grow out of it. Some, like me, engage in making our own amateur home movies occasionally which satisfies our exhibitionist traits. But in the back of my mind, I’ve always wondered whether I could do it when it counts, under hot lights, with a professional porn cast and crew watching, expected to cum (or not cum) on command (command?). I guess I’d like to test myself, to see how good I am. I have slept with women who have done porn in the past, and they reckoned I’d be good. I don’t think there is a porn industry in Liverpool though, or I would have found it by now. If anyone can open any doors in that arena and would be willing to give a newbie a chance, let me know.


Sexual Curiosities

There are a few things that I don’t actively seek out, but if the opportunity arose, I might be tempted to engage in them just out of curiosity.


Fake Breasts

I don’t know why, but in all my years I’ve never reached an intimate stage with a woman who has breast implants. Now obviously, what a woman does with her body is her business, and I have no views on breast implants one way or another. I’m just curious as to what they feel like? Are they hard? Or soft? Could I tell the difference between them and real breasts? Are they as sensitive as real breasts? In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. Men love female breasts whatever their size or composition.


Sex with a guy

I’ve written about this before. I’m not generally attracted to guys. But if we were all in a group situation and were all suitably horny, I might be tempted just to see if I could maintain an erection whilst penetrating a sex I’m not generally attracted to. I’d need a woman there to keep my arousal levels at their peak, and maybe ease me into the other guy while she plays with me. Same goes for being penetrated by a guy, although I’m slightly more confident in that area, having experimented with anal play with girlfriends before. I could probably take a (small – let’s not go crazy here) cock in my arse, again, if there were women to keep me interested as well.


Sex on a plane

Now I don’t particularly rank a plane above any other public place in terms of places it might be fun to have a sexual encounter. I’ve had sex in a graveyard (on two separate occasions with two different women – one was in the grounds of one of Liverpool’s cathedrals!). I once gave a German lady an orgasm on a bus full of Japanese tourists. But the ‘Mile High Club’ still eludes me. I guess it’s a cliché; maybe I feel that every guy who likes to think he’s sexually adventurous should try it at least once. But have you seen the size of those plane toilets? That’s gonna take some serious manoeuvring! Maybe if I get a half empty flight where we can have a row to ourselves…


Have you got any strange or unusual fantasies? Let me know in the comments. If you’re ever in Liverpool, and you need someone to help you fulfil yours, feel free to invite me.

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