Pubic Health

My monthly pube trim rolls around again, and once again I wonder why we as a society, and I personally, decided that pubes had to go. I genuinely don’t remember when and why specifically I started to trim my pubes. I don’t really remember any peer pressure to do so, nor do I think I was subconsciously influenced by porn. Maybe some insecure part of me believed the rumours that the fewer pubes you had, the bigger your dick looked. 

I kind of miss pubes on women. There was something reassuringly comforting about slipping your hand down your partner’s pants during what the grownups called ‘heavy petting’, and being met by a soft and furry cushion. My central partner let’s hers grow out occasionally, but I haven’t encountered full bush since my early 20s. 

One thing I will say for the bald look; it de-mystifies cunnilingus for us guys. Being able to see what we’re doing down there is a confidence booster. I’m reasonably confident in my cunnilinguistic abilities now that going down on a full bush vagina wouldnt be an issue. But for a nervous teen? They need all the help they can get! Whilst the general construction of a penis doesn’t very much beyond size and circumcision, vaginas vary greatly in design. Whilst all are beautiful – and I sincerely mean that ladies, you have nothing to worry about – the lack of uniformity I think is what makes some guys nervous. 

As far as my own pubes go, I don’t give them a close shave. Apart from the fact that I don’t think a totally bald cock-and-balls is attractive (it kind of has a ‘last turkey in the shop’ look), I get really bad shaving rash and ingrowing hairs when I do. There’s also the fact that you’re running a sharp object over the wrinkliest part of the male anatomy! I generally use an electronic beard trimmer for the whole region, which gets the pubes short enough to neat, but not too short to leave a rough stubble that’ll upset lady-parts, or result in ingrowing hairs. Behold:



What are your personal thoughts on pubes? Are their days numbered? Or are they due a comeback? Asking a partner whether hipsters had pubes, as I know she slept with one the other month, and she said he had them, but that was just one guy. Maybe the bearded wonders are leading a pube renaissance I don’t know about! Let me know. 

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