Sharky’s Favourite Sex Toys

All photos are from my personal collection and are not to be shared without my permission.

I confess, I’ve never bought a sex toy for solo masturbation play. I genuinely don’t feel the need to try and better my own right hand. However, buying sex toys as a couple is one of life’s little joys. Below I’ve listed a few of my favourites, in that they provoked a favourable reaction from the ladies I used them with. I’m using the online catalogue of ‘Nice n Naughty’, as they’re my local sex shop and the staff there are the friendliest around who won’t ever make you feel awkward if you visit their establishment (plus they give me discount occasionally!).

The Rampant Rabbit

The first and last word in vibrators. And for good reason – they really are the standard when it comes to female pleasure. I’ve bought them for at least two of my partners and I haven’t had any complaints yet. Much like my desire to see my partner with A-standard guys as part of my fetish, I want them to have A-standard orgasms when I’m not there. Female masturbation, in my experience, is a far more delicate and intimate activity than the Fast and the Furious experience that is male masturbation. Picking and choosing her rabbit together adds a personal touch, letting her know that you’re always thinking of her, even when you’re not physically there to get her off. Be prepare to spend a bit of money for a nice one. I’ve had good feedback from the one linked below, as it also has a unique thrusting action which mimics penetration as well as the traditional rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation.


Rabbit Cock Ring

“Turn your partner into your favourite rabbit toy!” scream the promos. And that’s pretty much what this little gizmo does. It’s basically a standard rubber cock ring, with battery-powered rabbit ears attached, allowing for both penetrative and clitoral orgasms during sex. Speaking as a man, it’s great! Not only does it help your partner get off (especially if she doesn’t experience penetrative orgasms), but if you’ve been working hard at the thrusting, you can take a breather but remain hard inside her while resting the rabbit ears on her clit, still getting her off.

I should had that some women in conversation have told me that these things have done nothing for them, but I feel that if used properly, they’re a great addition to sex if you want to spice things up with a toy. If she doesn’t like the feel of the material against her skin, use plenty of lube (which also will help in getting it on)

You can find Nice n Naughty’s model here, which works on a battery charged by USB. I myself have a slightly older model which uses hearing-aid batteries. Here it is modelled on me to give you an idea of what these things look like when worn (yes I have pubes here, deal with it!):



Under-the-Bed Restraints

These things are great, both for newcomers to restraints and the more experienced couples. No more need for finding bits of rope or scarves to tie your lovers to the bed (that’s if your bed even has posts to tie them too). These restraints go under your mattress and hang down the sides of the bed until needed. They’re adjustable to the size of your mattress and the person you’re restraining, and have velcro fasteners for a quick release if needed. So much fun to be had!


Beaded Dragon Tail

A great little toy for him or her to introduce yourselves to anal play. It’s basically an beaded anal dildo, but with beads of various sizes, allowing you to take as many or as few as you feel comfortable with. I own the basic model below, but there are various types, including a vibrating model (amazing when combined with a blowjob!) and one that hangs underneath a cock ring for anal penetration during sex. Always use plenty of lube when indulging in anal play.


Butt Plug Training Kit

If you want to expand on the anal play from the Dragon Tail, you can upgrade to a butt plug. I recommend buying a training set of 3, allowing you to start small and progress bigger if you feel comfortable. I personally own the one linked below – nothing fancy, but they do the job. Below that is a photo of me with the smallest one inserted. Great fun. Again, always use plenty of lube.



Sex Swing

Ok I confess I don’t own one of these, but my local swingers club has one which my partners and I have made use of many times. They are great fun! Come on, who hasn’t wanted to have sex with a person in mid air?! Your partner sits back in the seat, and puts their feet in the stirrups. Then you are free to manoeuvre them anywhere you want – stand in front of them and swing them onto your cock (or someone else’s cock 😉 ). I often pull a chair up to the swing and sit in it – my partner’s pussy will usually be at head-height, making it the easiest cunnilingus I ever perform! There are photos and videos online of people lying forwards on the swing while their partner fucks them from behind – but I’ve never managed to achieve this. Note; whoever sits in the swing has very little manoeuvrability, so it’s not for people who are uncomfortable giving up control. They can by hung from a strong beam (like in my swingers club), or you can buy a purpose-made stand for them. Someday…


Mini Crop

I bought my dominant partner one of these to a) keep me under control (she would often stand over me whilst I was with another girl and spank me if I was fucking her too hard, or in a way she didn’t like!) and b) to keep away anyone who invaded her personal space at the swingers clubs. Crops are great in general if you enjoy a little spank play, but a mini-crop has the advantage over a full size crop in that it can be discretely tucked into a boot or large handbag, which is handy if you happen to end up in an area surrounded by vanilla folks


Double Dildo

Ok, I’ve never been physically penetrated by one of these, but I bought one for a bisexual partner once so that she could play with her girlfriend with it, which I assisted in. We’d bought the slightly shorter one as it was cheaper, but we soon realised that the shorter you buy, the less manoeuvrability you have. Always buy the longest you can find to give you more options. Can be used in the scissor position, or can be bent to allow a girl-on-top position, or both people can crouch in the doggy position arse-to-arse (so to speak) with the double dildo between them and thrust themselves backwards onto it. Points if you can get you cheeks to touch!


Glass Dildo

I’ve only bought one of these once for a woman – mainly out of curiosity (I think she’d seen one her friend had and wanted to try). As the name suggests, they’re basically dildos made of glass. They are often very pretty and look almost like ornaments – mount one on the mantelpiece! Obviously they are a very solid dildo, so if you prefer a bit of flexibility these are not for you. An interesting feature of these however is that you can soak them in hot or cold water before using them. The temperature change can be mind-blowing! I believe these are also dishwasher safe, but don’t quote me on that – check the packaging if you buy one.


The key to adding toys to the bedroom is, like all forms of sex, communication. Don’t spring a toy on the first encounter. Get to know each other’s bodies intimately beforehand so you know exactly what gets each other off. Discuss what you’d like to try, maybe browse online together. If you’re comfortable enough, go into a sex shop and ask the staff for recommendations – as I mentioned, the staff in my local Nice n Naughty are great and have recommended some great stuff to me in the past. If the texture of something doesn’t feel great to you, don’t be afraid to put a condom over it. Always use lube where needed, and always clean your toys after use. Nothing worse than dry pussy juice on a dildo! But overall, enjoy yourselves.

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