My Fetish & Me

I’ve written about my particular fetish before, but hey – this is a new blog and there’ll be people reading this that don’t know about this side of my life. So here we go again.

My main kink, that forms not an insignificant part of my sex life, is my partner being with other guys.

You’ve probably seen the ‘Fuck My Wife/Girlfriend’ porn tropes online, and assumed that the people featured are all actors. But I am living, breathing, fucking proof that there are guys out there who genuinely get off on their ladies being with other guys.

Like a lot of kinks and fetishes, it’s something I was never aware of until it actually happened. Going back 7-8 years ago now, my partner at the time and I had agreed that we would have an openly sexual relationship. It was the first time I’d been in a relationship where we’d agreed it would be open from the start – it was a long distance relationship, and both of us had sexual needs that, when we weren’t together, needed to be physically satisfied elsewhere.

She informed me that she’d met a guy online that she’d like to play with, and we both decided to go and spend the day with him to see what he was like. On the surface, he was a nice guy and good looking – this is a key feature in my kink; I don’t want my partner being with an unattractive guy any more than she does. Although generally the women have final say in these, but as most women go for a particular type of man, the men they find attractive won’t be too dissimilar to me – gotta have standards lol! We went back to his place and (details are hazy) we all ended up in his bedroom. I don’t know why, but for some reason I decided to sit in the corner and watch the two of them make out. It was mind-blowing! Their tops both came off, but things were moving too slowly for my liking. Whilst she was lying on top of him, I moved towards the bed and, while they were both still distracted with each other’s top halves, I undid her trousers and slid them off her. The guy said afterwards he wasn’t aware of my doing that – he just noticed that suddenly she was totally naked! He didn’t need any encouragement to join her in the nakedness!

I sat back down and watched my partner, who I loved, straddle another guy. I was expecting immense feelings of rage and jealousy, but truthfully? I was more turned on than I’d ever been in my life. I’d been in threesomes before in my life, but they’d always been with 2 ladies. I’d never seen another guy erect before except in porn. Yes, I checked out his cock – all guys in group situations will size each other up (however much they might deny it). I took a little pleasure in seeing that I was bigger than he was, although such things quickly become meaningless in this world.

This is how it played in my head at the time; when you’re in a monogamous sexual relationship, you never actually get to watch your partner have sex. Because you’re a part of the process, so to speak. When I took myself out of the situation, I realised that my partner still looked absolutely smoking hot while she was having sex – even if it wasn’t me she was fucking! It was like some sort of mind-blowing porn – but porn you have a connection to. I’d say there’s a part in most men that, when they watch porn, wishes they could join in. Well here’s the thing; I realised that I could join in!!!

Having watched them for goodness-knows how long, getting more and more turned on, I couldn’t take it any more. I had to be a part of the situation. I stripped off and climbed on the bed with them. Neither of them seemed to mind. I’m not sure any of us had been in this situation before (I certainly hadn’t), so we figured out a few positions that worked. There was the standard spit-roast position, with my partner on all fours with one cock in her pussy and one cock in her mouth. Myself and the other guy would switch ends occasionally to keep things interesting. Then she straddled him again and rode him while I stood over him and she sucked me off. It was glorious.

I don’t think I came during the actual threesome, but afterwards the other guy went downstairs for something and my partner and I went at it, and it was the most mind blowing sex ever. The images of her with the other guy ran through my head has we both came hard.

Once I’d got back to Liverpool and was on my own, I started to wonder whether my reaction to the situation was normal. I was actually worried it wasn’t – no guy is supposed to get off on his girlfriend fucking another guy, surely? I went online, looking for answers. After some digging, I discovered that it’s basically some sort of cuckold fetish. A cuckold is a guy whose partner cheats on him, although I don’t think that’s strictly the case with my fetish. Cheating implies dishonesty, and all my relationships are open and honest.

So how does this work in my current sex life? Well my open relationship situation compliments my fetish quite well. I don’t know whether it’s the main reason I favour an open relationship situation – I mean, I do enjoy being with other women as well. Some of my partners have never experienced anything like it – “My boyfriend is not only ok with me being with other guys, it actually turns him on!” I think it helps women become more confident in themselves when they realise that they’re actually allowed to enjoy the sex they have with other partners.

Sometimes I’ll be there to enjoy the situation with them, sometimes I’ll get to hear about it second-hand. Which is almost as fun as watching and participating. It becomes a part of foreplay, getting my partners to describe being with other guys whilst we play with each other. Recently I got a huge kick out of the fact that my partner and one of her other lovers actually broke the sofa they were fucking on – a sofa I’ve fucked on many times also. I’m kinda jealous I didn’t get to break the sofa – it would be one to add to the collection of broken beds and (impressively) a broken mattress (IKEA initially refused to replace it because they didn’t believe it was possible to break a mattress!).

In club situations, I’ve been having sex with a partner whilst they’ve had another cock in their mouth and one in each hand. I liken it to Zords from Power Rangers coming together (literally and metaphorically) to form MegaZord! Sure, they work just as well on their own, but they become another amazing entity entirely when combined.

I’ve probably been closer to more erect cocks than most straight guys my age. Guys can become very insecure about their penises. But once you’ve seen enough of them, you realise that they’re really nothing to be that bothered about. Most guys have one, and if they can satisfy my partners with them, then awesome. It’s quite easy to become blase about them. The guy from another couple my partner and I had been playing with had a ring through his bell-end. I was just as curious as my partner was! Because we were all friends, it was nothing to say, “Hey man, my partner’s never been with a pierced cock before. You’ll have to come round and show her what it’s like! I’d quite like to see her go to town on it!”

A lot of ‘vanilla’ people, when they hear I’m in an open relationship, immediately assume I’m just in it to fuck as many women as possible. It doesn’t occur to them that a) an open relationship is very equal, b) women can safely enjoy multiple partners too and c) I enjoy my partners enjoying the love of other guys as much as I enjoy the love of other ladies.

The key about my fetish for my partners being with other guys is that it’s not a necessity in a relationship. If I happen to be in a relationship where my partner only wants to be with me, then that’s perfectly fine too. In fact, it actually spurs me to be the best I can be. If she’s not getting it from anyone else, I have to really bring my A-game and make sure I satisfy her in every possible way. But (and here’s a slogan for you) ‘different cocks hit different spots’ – if my ladies want to safely and consensually explore all the variety that life has to offer, why shouldn’t they? Life’s too short.

3 thoughts on “My Fetish & Me

  1. That’s the most honest post I’ve read in ages. Quite the gold, it almost reads itself.
    I’m curious, have you ever expressed any sort of homosexual behaviour before? You vividly describe the experience of being aroused by someone else’s penis in the vicinity of your partner’s lady parts.
    Would you say you could be, to some extent, bisexual? I don’t mean to pry, I would honestly like to know whether these two sorts of sexual behaviour are linked.


    1. I describe myself as ‘mostly straight’ lol and have never gone beyond the odd kiss and fondle in a group situation. I haven’t ruled out playing with a guy entirely, but it would probably only ever be in a group situation where there were women involved as well. As I stated, enjoy the sight of cock mainly when it’s involved with a vagina lol.

      This might make a good topic for my next blog entry.


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