Let’s Catch Up

So I’ve decided to start blogging again. Some of you who might know me personally might wonder why I would need a separate blog to record my thoughts when I’m already a very open person. Well mainly, it’s because some of the content I post is not suitable for the mainstream social media networks where I maintain a large presence. This might include highly sexual imagery as it pertains to my life. Not everybody needs to see that. If you’re here, then I assume you’re ok with it (if not, then this blog probably isn’t for you – no hard feelings). Secondly, a separate blog affords my partners a bit more anonymity. Whilst, yes, I’m generally a very open person, some of the people I interact with prefer to be a bit more discrete. I don’t need people trawling my main social media pages looking for clues as to who I may or may not be talking about.

Let’s catch up. My name is Sharky, I’m from Liverpool, England, and I enjoy a lifestyle that might be considered non-traditional. I have females partner with whom I have open relationships, which means that we see other people outside of our relationship, which includes sexual relations. I’ve also been known to occasionally frequent the ‘swinger’ scene – although one of the things you’ll quickly learn on this blog is that being in open relationships and being swingers are two different things. As to which of partners I’m blogging about, in the interest of respecting their privacy I will keep that deliberately vague.

I previously wrote a similar sexual lifestyle blog entitled ‘Shark After Dark’ which has long since been deleted. Much to my annoyance, I saved very few of my posts from that blog. The few I did save I may re-upload onto this blog as I see fit. The reason I deleted my old blog was that one of my partners at the time felt I was oversharing somewhat the intimate details of our relationships, which caused some problems in our relationship. Because a meaningful relationship is obviously far more important than a blog, I deleted it at her request whilst we set about repairing the damage. I’m now in a position where things are a lot better, and I can start recording my thoughts again, albeit with a heavier focus on the privacy of my partners.

So why blog? I genuinely think it helps people. My old blog received hits from all around the world – and I’m not talking about “somebody from Australia clicked on it once looking for Shark-related stuff”, I had genuine interactions from people from all around the world. Plenty of people blog about sex – few are as open as I am. I’m not ashamed of how I live my life, and if I can inspire confidence in people to live their lives how they want to – as opposed to how society wants them to – then I feel I’m doing some good in the world. Don’t feel embarrassed for reading this blog – I’m quite happy to answer questions within reason, either openly or privately.

Let’s reawaken the adventure…

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