Happy Hump Day

Hello sexy people! We are still alive – as many of you know, Lady Sharky and I moved in together during lockdown after being separated for months. Contrary to what you might think, it hasn’t been a constant sex-fest – moving is stressful as fuck, and we’ve both been stressed out by work. We’ve only […]

The Sharky Shampoo Challenge

So briefly, there was a silly challenge on social media, ‘The Shampoo Challenge’, where men balanced shampoo bottles on the bulge of their erections in their boxer shorts: Facebook quickly clamped down on it – I got a content warning for trying to share the above image on the platform – but I was curious […]

Love in the Time of Corona

Hey sexy people. Sorry I keep disappearing on you, but here’s another update. As many of you know, Lady Sharky and I are having to isolate separately during this Coronavirus lockdown. And honestly, it’s been hell. As I’m sure you’re aware if you read this blog, we are a very physically intense couple. Not just […]

You’re never bored when there’s a penis…

Greetings sexy people. Sorry for the lack of posts. Things are a bit stressful right now for obvious reasons. But in the midst of all the social isolation, Lady Sharky and I still find time to be silly. You know you’ve reached a stage of pure intimacy where you’re just laying in bed and she […]

An Update

Hey sexy people. Just a quick update as to why we haven’t posted anything in a bit. A few reasons: Firstly, Lady Sharky has been house-hunting for the best part of 2 years, and after yet another offer was rejected, coupled with unrelated issues at her job, it’s left her very stressed. Which has naturally […]

Sexy Night In – An Invite

Good afternoon sexy people. Because Lady Sharky and I are still broke, we’re having one of our sexy nights in tonight (Friday). Which means lingerie/fancy boxers, cheesy music, board games, movies – during which things may get intimate. If you do fancy joining us, there’s never any pressure to do anything; couples who maybe just […]

So this happened…

The other day I received a message out of the blue from a friend of mine, saying she was deleting me from Facebook because her new boyfriend didn’t want anyone she’d previously slept with on her profile. (Just to give you a bit of context, we slept together once a few years ago, and whilst […]